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We are indie devs gone wild, we built the game we badly needed without compromises to fun, metal and action and...and people actually loved it. Let's make something bigger together!
Guillaume Breton
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Thomas Giro
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Bacon Cassoulet
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Special thanks to our previous team members :
and to our super wonderful trainees : Marco, Clara, Lea, Mathys, William, Tristan

Working together!

We can work with you! We already a lot of work for hire such as music video, videogames, ui/ux, ports, tech & biz consulting for others.

When we work with others, we make it DAMN right.

Our fields : Design, Dev, Graphics, Audio, Music, Motion Design, Assets, Art Directions, Pixels!

They trusted us : Flying Oak, Plugin Digital, Coldwild Games, Leikir Studio ( for Dotemu/SNK), Les Studios du Poisson Rouge ( for SPA Studios), Ankama - Accidental Queens - Volkor X - Mooshku for Gunship Music, Casus Ludi, and countless others.

Contact : business at

Our game :

Double Kick Heroes

Double Kick Heroes the METAL'EM UP available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Gamepass.

Other teams we helped :

Metal Slug Tactics - Leikir/Dotemu/SNK

We were hired to make early artistic direction and Gyhyom is lead pixel artist on the incredible METAL SLUG TACTICS by Leikir Studio.

Windjammers 2 - Dotemu

We did the Xbox and W10 ports

Pile up! - Seed By Seed/Handy-games

We are in charge of the Xbox port of Pile Up!.

Merchant Of The Skies - Coldwild Games/Plug In digital

We shipped the wonderful Merchant Of the Skies on PS5

Klaus - Les films du poisson rouge / SPA Studios

We gave a tiny hand on tools and optimizations for the incredible Klaus movie for Les Films du poisson rouge / SPA Studios, go watch it on netflix!

This means war - Volkor X

Directed and animated by Gyhyom.

Music by Volkor X, written by Gyhyom & Volkor X.

Art3mis & Parzival - GUNSHIP

Partialy nimated by Gyhyom.

Music by Gunship Music

Warhammer 40k : Mechanicus - Console versions

Warhammer 40k : Mechanicus port to Xbox One, PS4.

And many many many more are in the works, we have been privileged to work on so many things, thank to all the person who trusted us.


Need to contact us on a generic topic:

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Get a job with us!

We are always looking for new people to work with, our main interests are : Pixel Art, Motion Design, C++ Devs, Technical Game Design

Shoot an email on jobs at!

Please avoid generic offers, we won't answer if your email is generic

Please avoid to send audio or translation related things, we are already staffed in these area